Enthusiasm in an Interview

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Aside from technical skills, one of the biggest things that an employer looks for when interviewing a candidate is enthusiasm. Someone who is excited about the company, the people, and the position is likely to work harder to do a good job and try to impress his or her superiors.

In order to show enthusiasm, make sure to arrive on time, do research about the company before the interview so that you can speak intelligently about the business, smile, and be friendly. Be focused on the job that you are interviewing for and have your mind clear of other problems or opportunities. Don’t be afraid to tell them that you want the job and that you like the company. That is exactly what they want to hear.

One common mistake is that interviewers make is to try not to act desperate for a job and in trying to do this, they act uninterested, or indifferent. Do not make this mistake. Showing your excitement and pointing out why you would be a good fit or telling the interviewer that you want the position doesn’t make you desperate. It makes you a good interviewer.

Remember, the bottom line is that every employer wants to give the job to someone who really wants it. They are excited about the company and what they are doing and they want to hire someone who feels the same way.

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