Staffing Services by VantageLinks

When you contact VantageLinks, you will immediately be able to talk to an experienced professional that understands your needs and quickly communicates them to our solution team. You can be assured that your request will be promptly and accurately whether your request is for additional staff to achieve IT development, systems integration, help desk, software architecture or project management.

As an IT staffing firm, VantageLinks is intimately familiar with virtually all IT resource issues. We focus on two key vertical sectors: healthcare technology and information technology (IT).

Our recruiting processes is designed to ensure that you get carefully screened candidates with the skills and personality to fit right in and hit the ground running.

At VantageLinks, we seek individuals who are not only technologically proficient but possess the appropriate interpersonal and communication skills enabling them to adapt to the culture and work flow of your organization. We have maintained career relationships with many of our IT staff placed at our client companies.

Candidates interested in being selected to the VantageLinks team must provide evidence of a track record of excellence in their profession complimented by a commitment to integrity.

By selecting our candidates you receive trouble free, value-added consultants and employees for your desired duration.

Our recruiting and interview techniques find candidates who express a true strength of character and integrity. Every assignment is treated as another step toward building long-term relationships with our clients while helping our candidates achieve the next milestone in their career.

We maintain a pipeline of highly-qualified professionals that allows us to quickly bring qualified candidates to our clients. Relationships with these candidates have been nurtured over time, and a high degree of discovery has already been done in the case of both parties. The candidate pipeline provides us with an efficient and effective means of matching the right candidate to your opportunity. Should our pipeline fall short, we have recruiters, recruiting tools, and processes in place that allow us to reach out nationally to active job seekers and passive candidates.

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